Chess Board

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Utvecklare: Pacome DANHIEZ
1.99 USD

Chess Board is the most advanced chess program on the App Store, designed for all players from beginners to masters, featuring a collection of more than 200.000 games from 200+ most famous players (Kasparov, Fisher, …), working for iPhone and iPad (Retina fully supported), and giving a real 3D experience.

Chess Board is both an opponent and learning partner.

Learn from 200.000 famous games by reviewing, modifying and continuing them by yourself or with the help of the AI.

Features :

• HD graphics on Retina displays (iPhone and iPad)
• Three difficulty levels : easy, medium, hard
• Play either white or black
• Play against computer or a friend, or even let the computer play against itself.
• Switch from computer to human whenever you want in a game.
• Unlimited ability to undo / redo moves
• Save and load your games
• Load games from 200+ famous player, more than 200.000 famous games
• 3D board and pieces, with confortable view positioning
• Animated moves
• Highlight legal moves by taping on a piece
• Intuitive user interface that lets you concentrate on your game
• Universal App. Play on your iPhone, or iPad. No additional purchase necessary.